This is the first post for the AutoCAD practice drawings.

In this practice drawing, you are going to learn below-mentioned tools in AutoCAD.

  1. Construction Line
  2. Circle
  3. Offset
  4. Polar Array
  5. Three-point Arc
  6. Fillet
  7. Blend curve tool
  8. Rectangle tool

Tip – Double click the middle mouse button to zoom out all.
Double click on blend curve line and convert it into a polyline

How you are going to Practice this drawing.

First, you need to learn about the above tools in AutoCAD and how you can use those tools. The tutorials for each tool are linked.

Download below practice drawing set.

Try to draw it using AutoCAD.

For each step, you can check the bellow tutorial as a guide and complete your drawing.

Try to draw it again without checking the tutorial.

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