In construction, project managers are giving a priority for Quality controlling and safety. Any kind of mistake or any failure can result in very large costs in such a project.

As an Engineer or a project manager, we should try to ensure that the job is done right the first time and that no major accidents occur on the project.

So we need to check the complete construction very carefully. Therefore in a construction site, some Engineers are responsible for the Quality of the construction.

After Engineers get an Approved construction Drawing they should carefully study it for any errors. If it is a Reinforced Concrete building, Engineer can prepare Bar Bending Schedule according to the structural drawing.

Here you Can Download a Bar bending schedule format for any construction project.

Then the construction process is to setting-out Excavation Screed Form-work Rebar-work and finally Concreting. In all these steps Engineers should carefully inspect the quality of the work. They are checking all the construction is according to the drawing and according to the specifications. But what is the witness of all these inspections?

In construction, project Engineers are maintaining documents for the witness of all inspections.

You can download some of the good formats which can be used in your construction project.

  1. Approval Sheet For Structural Work
  2. Approval Sheet for Mechanical and Plumbing work
Approval Sheet For Structural Work

Approval Sheet for M & E works
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