Using an Extrusion to Create a Generic Model Family in Revit: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Create a new family in Revit by selecting “New” from the Revit application menu and then “Family” from the drop-down menu.
  • Create a Complex Fascia Design with Line-Based Family using RevitTo establish a new generic model family, pick “Generic Model” in the “New Family” dialog box and click “OK.”
  • The Revit family editor will launch the new family. Select “Extrusion” from the “Create” tab to make an extrusion shape.
  • Select the “Draw” tool and click and drag on the drawing plane to draw the shape of the extrusion. You can also change the shape of the extrusion using the “Edit Profile” tool.
  • When you’re through with the shape, use the “Finish Edit Mode” tool to exit sketch mode.
  • The family can then be further customized by adding parameters. To add a new parameter, pick “Family Types” from the “Create” tab and click “New.” You can define dimensions like as height, breadth, depth, and materials.
  • After you’ve added the parameters you want, choose the extrusion shape and click the “Associate Family Parameter” tool in the “Properties” palette.
  • Save the family by going to the Revit application menu and selecting “Save” and giving it a name.
  • Load the family into the project by selecting “Load Family” from the “Insert” menu and navigating to the family file.

Create a generic model and accordingly and open a new ”Line based genaric model”

Follow the steps according to the video tutorial to create a line based family.

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