Autodesk Revit

Revit can be identified as all in one software for designers. That is not only for architects. All Engineers, Architects, Contractors and quantity surveyors can work in the same software. So, Revit is one of the most powerful tools for building and infrastructure designing.

In Revit, both 2D and 3D outputs can be produced. Modelling and Rendering are also possible. If you have 2D drawings which are scanned or in AutoCAD versions, there is an option to insert them into Revit and modelling it and Rendering it for Realistic views.

Also, it is very easy to start a new project on Revit and to model it. If you changed something on any view all the other views will automatically be updated and that is a big advantage which AutoCAD and other CAD software haven’t.

If you model a building think about how much time you spent to draw elevations and Sections. In Revit it is effortless. If you finished the drawing of the floor plan and the Roof plan all the Elevations automatically updates in Elevation views as well as 3D plan. Then what about section. You just want to draw a line on the plan and you can get the section in a second. So, the time of designing a building is significantly reduced by this software.

Easy to Quantify…

Not only that, using Revit, you can add all the material properties and the cost to the components which you are using for the design. So, it is very easy to quantify them. So, quantity surveyors can use this software for Estimating and making measurement sheets.

Using material properties, structural Engineers can get loading inputs from the Revit muddle. Also, there are plugging to import Revit model to SAP2000 or Etabs. In the conventional method as we know Engineer wand to draw a 3D model looking at Architect’s 2D drawings. So, it makes easier if Architects work with Revit to Import the modal for the other Engineering software.

If you are an Engineer, Structural Engineers and MEP engineers can work on Revit using relevant templates. Using Revit, Engineers can interpret their design in 3D which is very important in the construction phase to show the clear picture to construction staff. It is much easier to do Coordination drawings with Revit as well. It saves time significantly and finally all the thing is affecting the cost of the project.

Considering all the things this is the most powerful tool in designing and try to learn Revit.

Adobe Photoshop

Sometimes you may think, why an architect wants to learn photoshop. Yes, that is not for Architectural designs. But it is vital to know Photoshop when you are creating renderings. It may be a section, elevation or a plan if you know photoshop you can do final touchups with it as it is a high-quality image preparing software.

You can further do some landscaping, adding people, adding sky or some graphical things, etc. So, it is necessary to learn photoshop for the final preparation of your portfolio.

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