These posts are really important to students and engineers who are learning EC2 for Concrete Designing.

Complete Spread Sheet for the designing will be uploaded and you can download free and use them easily to design structural elements.

Here you will be learning about designing a rectangular footing and end of his you can download and use the relevant spreadsheet.

Following Checks to be done when you are designing a Footing

  • Check for bearing Pressure
  • Effective Depth
  • Required Reinforcement
  • Minimum Reinforcement required
  • Minimum Spacing check
  • Anchorage length
  • Check for shear reinforcement.
  • Punching Shear check (at column face, distanced and 2d)

This all steps will be covered by the spread sheet.

There are some data to input before designing.

You should input

  • Dead Load (Gk) and Imposed load(Qk)
  • fck
  • fy
  • Bearing capacity of the soil
  • Decided lx and ly
  • Height
  • Column dimensions Cx, Cy
  • cover
  • and top-bottom bar diameters

Download the excel sheet below and enjoy.



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