Calculate Material Quantities for M10, M15 and M20 grade Concrete


Example to Calculating Concrete Materials for M10 grade concrete

5In many different kinds of construction projects, concrete is a common building material. It’s critical to estimate the amount of materials needed before beginning a job. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to determine the required quantity of materials for a concrete slab with the dimensions 6 x 6 x 0.15 m and an M10 grade.

Step 1: Calculate the wet volume of the concrete
Wet volume = length x breadth x height = 6m x 6m x 0.15m = 5.4 m3

Step 2: Convert wet volume to dry volume
Dry volume = Wet volume x 1.54
Dry volume = 5.4m3 x 1.54 = 8.316 m3

Step 3: Calculate the quantity of cement
Cement quantity = (Dry volume of concrete x Cement ratio) / (Sum of ratios)
For M10 grade, the Cement ratio is 1:3:6
Sum of ratios = 1+3+6 = 10

Cement quantity = (8.316 x 1) / 10 = 0.8316 m3
Volume of one cement bag is = 0.035 m3

Therefore the number of cement bags required = 0.8316 / 0.035 = 23.76 bags (approximately 24 bags)

Step 4: Calculate the sand quantity
Sand quantity = (Dry volume of concrete x Sand ratio) / (Sum of ratios)
For M10 grade, the Sand ratio is 1:3:6

Sand quantity = (8.316 x 3) / 10 = 2.4948 m3

Step 5: Calculate the Aggregate quantity
Aggregate quantity = (Dry volume of concrete x Aggregate ratio) / (Sum of ratios)
For M10 grade, the Aggregate ratio is 1:3:6

Aggregate quantity = (8.316 x 6) / 10 = 4.9696 m3

In conclusion, you will require roughly 24 cement bags, 2.4948 m3 of sand, and 4.9696 m3 of aggregate to create a concrete slab of 6m x 6m x 0.15m and of M10 grade.

These easy procedures will help you determine how much material is needed for any job using concrete slabs.

Using the same method you can calculate concrete material quantities for M15 and M20 grade concrete. 


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