As lots of students ask me to make tutorials for Revit Architectural Designing. So I started creating some video tutorials for Revit architectural training. Thay will help students who are keen to learn Revit and also it will help my students to remind steps whenever they forgot something in Revit.

I am using Revit 2019 version and latest released one is Revit 2020. But I want to say there are only a few updates there and 2019 is more than enough for learning purpose.

Step by step tutorials have uploaded to CivilMix youtube channel and you can check them here as well.

If you need anything to ask you can use the comment section and CivilMix is always ready to help you.

Tutorial 1 – Preparing Interface

Tutorial 2 – Grids and Levels

Tutorial 3 – Creating Walls Floors and Columns

Tutorial 4 – Creating Doors and Windows

Tutorial 5 – Creating Roofs

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