Designing different types of structure using Revit is really interesting and it will give you a good training of using Revit tools.

I have designed some of really challenging structures from Revit 2019.

There are Five structures (Click the link to watch the model)

1 – Taj – Mahal

2- Burj Al Arab Modeled in Revit

3– Eiffel Tower In Revit

4- Burj Khalifa in Revit – Iconic Structures

5 – lotus tower ( Nelum Kuluna )

Click above topics to watch relevant models.

You can learn how to design Revit families as well as Free source files in CivilMix website.

I am going to share all of those models with you and it will help you to improve your knowledge as well.

thumbnail tile
thumbnail tile
thumbnail tile12
thumbnaisegfl tile
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